About Us

Kyudokai was founded in 1992. It is a Nationwide organisation of Martial Art clubs providing DBS Certification, insurance cover, student sourcing and affiliation to all styles. We provide support and help in a non-political environment. Our Association is run by martial artists for martial artists.

  • If you are looking for student and instructor insurance cover for your club then we can provide it. (More)
  • If you need DBS Certification then we can help (More)
  • If you want to list your club for free we can help (More)
  • If you are looking to find a club in your area then please go to our club directory

Kyudokai Martial Arts Association is open to any groups that are looking for a larger organisation to affiliate with, who can provide stability and support.

Morihei Ueshiba Founder of Aikido

We appreciate how important independence is to organisations and clubs and for this reason we attach no strings to our relationship other than expecting an ethical and professional approach when dealing with students. A condition that I am sure will not present any problems. Via our open door policy we can offer a complete package, tailored to your needs, and more importantly provide a home for small like-minded groups where they can benefit by association with our larger organisation.

So if you are looking to affiliate and provide insurance cover for your club then please complete the Enquiry form and we will send you details of all the options we provide.

We are definitely a non-political organisation run by martial artists for martial artists, so if you do need information then please do complete the Quotation Form. We will send you the information without the hard - sell.

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